The Label Printing Revolution

Eliminate your pre-printed label inventory.
Eliminate waste.
Never run out of labels again.

Lower cost - higher profit.

The labels, tags and stickers you use define your brand. Shape, color, crispness of print – all of it either builds (or degrades) all the time and effort you’ve poured in to your business. That’s why you need the best materials.

Trojan Color Systems offers a wide variety of media for your organization, from matte to super high gloss and everything in between. Whether you need adhesive or not, you’ll find what you need.

• Label and tag stock
• White and clear films
• Polyester
• Vinyls
• Wide range of adhesives, including freezer-compatible, removable and even tire adhesive
• Non-adhesive materials

Isn't it time you joined the digital color label printer revolution?

Print what you want. When you want it.

  • TrojanOne Video
  • TCS Elite
  • TrojanOne Video
  • Rotary Wizard
  • EZ Koat 15

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