Harnessing the power of print

Paper: U.S. organizations generate 15,000,000 pages every five minutes.

What about your organization? Who’s generating what? Are you wasting resources? Could document strategies – both digital and analog – help your team work smarter and save money?

Introducing Trojan’s managed print services

We’ll create a strategic plan and program to meet your unique needs, analyzing all the factors surrounding your business and making the unseen visible, and then put them together in a way that makes sense – for your team, as well as your bottom line.

On average, our clients see at least a 30% reduction in actual hard dollar costs. For one of our clients, it added up to almost 1 million dollars annually. Results depend upon your specific situation, as well as your objectives.

How Trojan managed print works

If you organization has multiple offices or 100+ employees, and your business must generate information on paper to be successful, you’re a prime

candidate for impressive savings through Trojan managed print.

We build four distinct elements into each managed print program:

  1. Discovery – We measure over 50 different points of performance in your organization, parsing the data, and then make the data make sense.
  2. Validation – Ensuring that what we see is what you see, we’ll show you what it means to your organization and the implications it has on your objectives, strategies and goals.
  3. Redesigning & Planning – Once we know how your system performs, we work with your team to create a plan and program. Since we are not affiliated with any manufacturer, our solutions are driven by what you need to accomplish.
  4. Deploying & Managing – Then we work with you to ensure your objectives are met. Rolling out the plan and providing accountability to ensure the plan is carried out

Your custom-tailored program will improve operations, streamline productivity, take advantage of technology advances to reduce real costs and increase earnings. Our continuous improvement approach ensures ongoing evaluation and improvements.

We have a host of technologies to help us understand your environment, including Print Audit 6. We see hard data on how devices perform, as well as mapping and understanding how your team members are using this technology. Based on our finding, we can use our expertise along with PrintAudit 6 to ensure new print initiatives are met.

Whether you want to develop and manage your own internal program or off-load infrastructure support and costs, the experts at Trojan can help. We have more than 10 years of experience in developing manage print programs for organizations like Xerox, Staples, Arby’s Restaurant Groups and Hyatt Hotels, so we’re up to the task.

Where do we start?

First, call Trojan Color Systems at 770-402-3688. Five minutes on the phone will let you determine if we are the right partner for your print management. We’ll cover what we do, the benefits you can anticipate and outcomes you will get.

In return, you will receive a comprehensive report with metrics on how well your internal systems perform and the implications. It will contain steps you can implement right away to improve your existing solutions. In short, you end up with a solution designed to meet your needs – today and tomorrow.

Call us today at 770-402-3688 to find partners ready to invest in your business. We look forward to beginning a conversation.