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Trojan Color Systems is your color printing expert. We haven’t built our business on moving boxes, but rather by providing solutions that improve customers’ operations and add to their bottom lines. Anyone can take an order, but it’s quite different to understand your needs and build a solution for your company.

Unmatched Experience

The team at Trojan Color Systems has over 40 years of experience, having envisioned and manufactured the first toner-based on-demand color label solution in the market. Now, we are working with the best ink jet technologies in the marketplace. No one can match our experience and knowledge of on-demand color printing.

There are many things to consider when moving to on-demand color: How is your artwork created? Do I need Pantone® color matching? What kind of environment is my label going to be in? And just as important: what type of material and product will it be applied to? Do I use an applicator and how will it be impacted?

Failing to consider all aspects of printing your labels on demand could be costly. But for more than 25 years, we have been successfully walking our partners through the process of printing their own labels on demand in color. So contact us and let the team at Trojan Color Systems make you and your project successful, maximizing your company’s bottom line.

Unmatched Support 

We support the products we sell and the solutions we create. We understand that most customers are not in the label business. You want to focus on your product – vitamins, bottled water, medical devices, chemicals – not the label that goes on it. That's where we come in, with our unmatched experience, as well as our unmatched support. We will support you through our remote support systems. We'll support you by e-mail and phone. We will even support you using FaceTime if you want. And not just the product we sold but, where we can, we'll even support stuff you bought elsewhere.

If you are in the label business, let Trojan Color Systems help you make the move to digital printing. There are many options, choices and decisions to make, and we help you navigate through them to maximize the ROI you make in your business. We'll be there to support you every step of the way, from initial options through installation and training and right into production. 

Why would we do that? Because that's what business partners do. And that's what we are all about - long-term relationships. You can count on it.


The industry is changing. We are leading.

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