Affordable digital press? No such thing, right?

Hold on.

For organizations that need higher output printing, the TrojanTwo is here. With sophisticated algorithms and a self-maintaining print system, the new TrojanTwo can run larger volumes while maintaining high print quality. It even predicts when it needs maintenance.

The TrojanTwo integrates seamlessly with your finishing equipment, requiring only that the tension of the web is sustained by the receiving station. You can even modify the interface to send control (encoder) signals to the finishing equipment for a complete production line.

Simply put, it’s the most sophisticated affordable Memjet-based product on the market. And it’s only from Trojan Color Systems.

Memjet printhead nozzles fire ink with pinpoint precision, fully covering a single page in a single second. With more than 70,000 ink nozzles on a printhead – 17 times that of traditional inkjet print heads – the TrojanTwo delivers 1600 x 1600 dpi quality at print speeds of 60 feet per minute. The 8.6” print head is designed to fire more than 700 million drops of ink per second. And because the print head is designed and manufactured with the same methods used to manufacture computer chips, the placement of the dots is so precise that the system requires no color registration. You can print a 1-point font with the TrojanTwo. And when you look at it under a loop, it will look like it was printed with a spot color ink. That's digital precision.

During longer print jobs, the system will pause automatically for cleaning by an integrated maintenance station. The operator doesn’t need to cut the web or even intervene – it’s all built in.

For special cases, the user can initiate three levels – light, medium or heavy – of maintenance during print jobs, just by touching a button. The system will pause, clean and then resume printing without cutting the web. This type of cleaning is only for special cases, because TrojanTwo’s maintenance algorithms automatically handle regular cleaning.


Our high capacitance touch screen allows you to control all functions with just a tap. From print job management and queuing to ink usage statistics, you’ve got it all under control.

Affordable digital press is no longer just a dream. The TrojanTwo is easy to use and easy to support. You get incredibly beautiful output at a fraction of the cost. Trojan Color Systems makes affordable digital press a reality with the TrojanTwo.