Wizard        EZ Koat 15 UV coating system  

Rotary Wizard

This auto-registering, modular rotary laminating and die-cutting machine is designed to take preprinted material on a roll and automatically position the rotary cutting die to cut the material in register with the printed image.

The Wizard is a semi-rotary hybrid system, combining the best attributes of a rotary die cutter – speed and accuracy – with the best of semi-rotary: flexibility and ease of use. It uses economical flexible magnetic dies, and can accommodate sizes from 1 inch to 14⅞ label without changing the mag cylinder – or increasing the gap between labels.

The Rotary Wizard can has many options, such as slitting, second take up motor for split roll slitting, liner removal for linered laminate, and a sheeter. In addition, we can consider other options as well if needed. 

This is a truly simple-to-use piece of finishing equipment.